Federal Trade Commission will consider at its upcoming meeting new orders for Canadian pharmaceuticals online to study how competition is affected by contracts, reimbursements and other issues affecting prescription drug prices, the agency said on Thursday. Album leaks are par for the course in large fandoms, especially among the pop aficionados, from Taylor Swift to Charli XCX. Jess has been involved in the online Taylor Swift and Harry Styles fandom since she was 13. "I remember when Red leaked in 2012 and there was this same discourse then, and I was like, 'Oh, I can't listen. It's disrespectful. I have to wait.' But at this point I have been a fan for so long. I'm still going to buy the concert tickets, listen at midnight when the album comes out. They're not going to know and I don't think Harry would really care," Jess told Mashable. The first drive-in gas station was made operational in 1913. (Depending on what sources you use, there might have been prior to that operating in 1905.) The point is, there was a time when there were no drive-in gas stations.

In order to keep their blood sugars at a safe level, "Type 1 patients have to do traditional doctor-level thinking processes multiple times a day," Haller says, carefully weighing how everyday activities like eating, exercising, and sleeping will affect them. She believes patients and caregivers using these systems are sleeping much better. WeAreNotWaiting, which appeared on Twitter first in 2013. The hashtag represents a deep undertaking by diabetes patients and caregivers with software expertise to overhaul diabetes technologies and make them widely accessible when device companies could not deliver solutions fast enough. Frustrated with the usability of device interfaces and with the industry's proprietary software and data restrictions, they developed a host of platforms, apps, hardware, and cloud-based and solutions to improve their health outcomes. The Raspberry Pi, or "rig," was downloading her blood glucose data every five minutes from her CGM, a patch she wears on her arm. Kyle Rose, a user of another DIY closed loop system called Loop for iPhone, in southern California, reported that once he began using his, he woke up for the first time in 25 years of having diabetes at his target of 100 mg/dl five days in a row. The project, created by patient inventor Dana Lewis and software engineers Scott Leibrand and Ben West in 2015, was the first open-source effort to create an artificial pancreas, coming together two years ahead of the first commercial system, Medtronic's MiniMed 670G in 2017. In early 2016, Wilson began building her own OpenAPS, joining a growing number of DIYers who elect to build their own artificial pancreas, either because the diabetes device industry does not offer what they need or because what is offered is not affordable.

Starting in May 2016, Wilson entered hundreds of lines of code into the open-source software platform, Ubuntu, following the OpenAPS instruction manual. When his daughter was diagnosed with Type 1, he couldn't view the data from her different devices on one platform and decided to write software to integrate those data streams. Howard Look, founder and CEO of Tidepool, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making diabetes data more accessible. Wilson, after hearing conversations about ongoing diabetes projects in the local Facebook group "Baltimore Parents of Kids with Type 1 Diabetes," stumbled on a manual with step-by-step instructions to build a device that could administer her and her daughter's insulin automatically-the Open Artificial Pancreas System, or OpenAPS. Australian health authorities are warning parents to stop feeding their babies three brands of formula as they may be contaminated with dangerous bacteria. This popular stance was legitimized by a now-deleted tweet from the official Sony Twitter account that read, "PSA: Friends don't let friends listen to Harry's House before May 20." The popular music and fandom podcast, Every Single Album, that breaks down Styles' career echoed the opinion that Harry's House leaks are off limits, but the rest are a free-for-all. And Jess is right, Styles is no stranger to music being leaked.

When the Harry's House fell into my lap two weeks after it leaked courtesy of my very offline friend who is a casual listener of Styles, my first thought was, "Will any of my Harry Styles besties listen to it with me?" It was a significant question, as I wondered if listening to the leak would sacrifice the experience of hearing the album and reacting to it in real time with my friends. Emily Alvarado, a 23-year-old cashier in Stockton, California who has been "living, breathing Harry Styles," since the early days of One Direction. Fans quickly discovered it wasn't just Harry’s House that leaked, but additional unreleased songs from Styles' self-titled debut album, as well as One Direction demos from his early pop star days. Some fans theorized that the older songs were leaked to distract from Harry's House. Devoted fans also recognized two infamous song titles among the batch of leaked music, "Complicated Freak" and "Baby Honey," which had been spotted years ago on a whiteboard in the background of a photo of Styles working on his self-titled album in 2016. The two tracks had previously sparked speculation and intrigue in the fandom, which made fans feel entitled to them.